24 March 2010

Magnum Gold?! (Waitrose)

I was quite excited about this product, I love Magnum’s and the addition of a gold to the range sounded just perfect to me. I opened the wrapper and was impressed to see a caramel coloured Magnum, with a slight metallic hint to the coating.
I tested the aroma of the product at this stage and was a little surprised to find that the item had very little smell, just a vague hint of caramel.
I bit into the ice cream and cracked open the ‘chocolate’ shell. Underneath the gold coating there was a darker substance which did look like milk chocolate, but there wasn’t much flavour there to confirm this. The ice cream inside was a very mild vanilla, and the thin veins of caramel were, well, there I suppose. There was no mega caramel flavour, and the whole thing was a little lacking in any magic in my opinion. I think this may be the first Magnum I’ve been disappointed with, and I rate all the other flavours miles above this one.
This product title has a question mark in it “Magnum Gold?!”, if it is genuinely a question, the answer from me would be ‘no’.
I understand that Caramac are bringing our some kind of Caramac Choc Ice this Summer, I do hope it hits the caramel spot that this ice cream missed for me.

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