5 March 2010

Starburst Strawberry Milkshake [Mars] (BaeGo)

Before I write about the taste of this milkshake, I wanted to spend a minute discussing portion sizes. I bought this drink and had the whole thing with a sandwich at lunchtime. I would like to think that this doesn’t make me crazy greedy, one bottle with 440ml of shake and one sandwich. However the bottle has the calorie content for one portion on the side, and the portion is actually LESS than half the bottle. Not only that, but it even states 2.2 (that's two, with a decimal, point two) portions in the bottle - madness. If I was to split it up, one of the days I'd only get 40ml which is a bit rough. So what I’m saying is, given that most people would drink the whole contents probably within the day I would rather have the calories per bottle as I think this would be a lot clearer. Yes, it sounds scarier as it works out as 316.8 calories per bottle, but that is just the facts. The concept of 2.2 portions per bottle just seems so strange to me! How long before we see calories per teaspoon, or some other strange but factually correct awkward way of calculating calories. It wound me up.
Anyway the milkshake itself is labelled as thick shake, and does have a good creamy consistency. The flavour is rather sweet, which makes the whole thing taste a little artificial, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing with strawberries. I enjoyed the sweet fruity shake, and found it perfectly pleasant. It is marketed as being a Starburst drink, but I think it would need to be a little bit zingier to live up to that reputation, still a good shake though.

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