12 March 2010

Strawberry Yo Yos (Bear)

Inside the rather pretty bright pink bag were two 'fruit yo yos'. Sadly I discovered that one of them was already slightly unwrapped, but this didn’t really matter as you'd be hard pushed to use it as an actual yo yo anyway! My intentions were purely to unwide then eat!
Also inside the bag was a fascinating fact, with a message about it being impossible to lick your own elbow. I have managed to resist testing this so far, but the card gives me the impression that this product is aimed at the younger market and possible school lunch boxes. Given the fruit composition, it would make a fun but healthy choice.
The texture of these items is surprisingly pleasant as they are firm but very slightly chewy. The flavour is predominantly strawberry, but I also noticed a hint of apple mixed in which goes particularly well. Overall this makes a tasty but healthy snack, that is fun and perfect for to encourage kids to eat some fruit without it being too taxing for them.


Anonymous said...

It is NOT impossible to lick your own elbow.

It's just really really tough.

What's impossible is to touch your right elbow with any of your right fingers.

cinabar said...

Not impossible??? Post pics please! :-D