2 March 2010

Bonne Maman Crème Caramel (Waitrose)

I have to say I really do like Crème Caramels as a dessert, I guess you could say it is one of my staples as a pudding choice, and I have sampled a great many varieties too. This particular version smelt of rich caramel, and was rather appetising. Inside the pot I could see that it had a very thin skin on top, which you don’t see very often. I found that the main creamy section of this dessert was spot on. The flavour included a hint of egg and was really creamy, and it had a lovely thick velvety texture too.
The part I thought that I thought let it down was the actual brown caramel liquid. Despite being flavoursome, I didn’t think it was sweet enough to give that caramel kick that these puddings usually have. It wasn’t bad as such, it was just lacking an extra special taste.
Overall these were nice puddings, I just would have preferred a bit more or a rich sauce to complement the rather nice Crème Caramel.


Anonymous said...

My son loves them but alas as they do not have calories on them they are personanongrata for me who goes to weight watchers.
Please email me if anyone know the calories.

cinabar said...

Hmmm... I always think it is a bad sign if they don't label the pack with calories...