22 March 2010

Glico Mikado Dark Chocolate (Sainsbury’s)

As you may have spotted already, nli10 and I are big Pocky fans. A year ago, Mikado milk chocolate was launched here in the UK and became the first mainstream non import UK version of Pocky. For those of you that don’t know Mikado (aka Pocky) are thin biscuit sticks covered in a flavoured coating. There is always a couple of centimetres of uncoated biscuit on each stick to ensure they are easy to pick up!
Anyway, it has obviously been a good year for the biscuits as I have spotted that they have launched two new varieties, this dark chocolate one and a white chocolate version too. I’ll be writing about the white chocolate biscuits very soon!
I loved the smell of these dark chocolate sticks, I thought that the cocoa on them smelt lovely and rich. The flavour had a good bitter sweet edge, and went well with the biscuit. This is an excellent addition to the UK range, and I felt that the dark chocolate was full of flavour and enhanced the taste.
I am pleased to see they didn’t call this edition “Men’s” as they do abroad. It is a bit of a sexist view to assume that it is only men who like dark chocolate, and I’m not sure they’d get away with it over here!


Richard said...

Mmmm, Mikado/Pocky are one of life's real pleasures!

Have you had the strawberry Pocky? I'm not sure why, but those are my favourites.

cinabar said...

The strawberry ones are lovely... but rather hard to track down in the UK. Hopefully if Mikado takes off we will get lots of new flavours. *finger crossed* http://foodstufffinds.blogspot.com/2008/10/pocky-strawberry.html