9 March 2010

Bonne Maman Apple Tatin (Waitrose)

This dessert is an apple tart that is heated in the microwave and served hot. I have to say I have been rather impressed with the Bonne Maman range to date and was rather looking forward to this. I am pleased to say it did not disappoint.
These tarts have the most amazing rich toffee flavour mixed with a sweet fresh apple taste. The strength of the flavours are quite intense, and I mellowed them by serving them with a dollop of crème fresh which seemed to go perfectly. The flavour that this reminded me of was toffee apple, there isn’t a noticeable taste of cinnamon, just wonderfully rich toffee sauce and lots of apple. It made a quick and easy dessert, which gets full marks for flavour, providing you have a sweet tooth! Yum!

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