16 March 2010

Dove [aka Galaxy] Peanut Butter (America: thnx @Gigireviews)

It is official, America is the home of peanut butter chocolate, and the UK seems to be the home of ‘safe’ ideas. We have caramel bars, and white chocolate, dark chocolate and thankfully a good few bars with nuts, but we don’t exactly have adventurous bars. Germany gets exciting products like Milka with Watermelon & Popping Candy, but to be honest all I’m really asking for is a few more peanut butter bars on the market. The word ‘more’ implies we already have some, but with the exception of the occasional import Reese’s product I don’t think we do. If you have seen any UK made peanut butter bars, let me know and I will try to track them down!
I seem to have gone off on a tangent, so I will return to this Dove Peanut Butter bar, sent to me by Gigi from Gigi Reviews, who has done a fantastic job of showing me what peanut butter/chocolate creations are available in the USA – thanks Gigi. :-)
Dove is the equivalent of Galaxy here in the UK, but I thought the chocolate was a little bit different to the usual Galaxy I was expecting. The American version didn’t seem to be as sweet as the UK variety or as intensely creamy. It is by no means bad chocolate; in fact the flavour seems a little crisper and is easier to eat. The peanut butter inside the chocolate consists of a generous filling, and the nuts and saltiness mixes rather well with the chocolate. I think if this had been made with UK Galaxy the flavours would not have gone together as well, and the whole bar probably would have been too rich. However this is another example of a well balanced peanut butter and chocolate bar, and it just goes to show these flavours were made to go together. Come on UK surely we can do it too?

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