4 March 2010

Bonne Maman Le Petit Chocolat (Waitrose)

I initially thought that this was a bag of mini cakes for sharing, but was surprised to see that each mini cake is also individually wrapped. This is really useful as it means they keep fresh longer, and that I could save some for taking to work too.
The cakes consist of a dark brown chocolate ring of sponge, with a portion of cream coloured vanilla sponge in the middle (like a filled in doughnut).
The cakes are very moist, sweet, and soft and have lovely cocoa tones. The chocolate sponge is mild, so that the vanilla flavour is still noticeable, but it was chocolaty enough to still come through at a good level. Theses mini sponges almost melt in the mouth, and make for a rather lovely treat. I was rather impressed by these; I’m looking forward to trying all the other lovely items in the Bonne Maman that keep appearing in Waitrose!

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