27 March 2010

Kit Kat Wasabi (Japan)

Last year seemed a time where I was bombarded with chilli flavoured chocolate from many different brands, whether I wanted to be or not. I tasted many of these bars and chocolate flavoured death tablets, and didn’t particularly like any of them. On two separate trips to the Japanese restaurant, Wagamama (if you have one near, I heartily recommend it), I have sampled their White Chocolate and Ginger Cheesecake with chilli toffee ginger sauce, and also their Chocolate Fudge Cake with wasabi and chocolate fudge filling. Both of these desserts are to die for and it’s hard to pick which one I prefer between the two. Both have a little heat and are a lot of pleasure to eat. This Kit Kat is made for the Japanese market. It was sent by Cinabar’s American friend Gigi and may have been from some sort of grab bag or selection box, as it’s pretty tiny. I thought about being dainty and taking a few savouring bites, but hey, that’s just not me. Besides after my mixed “hot” flavoured chocolate experiences in the past year or so, I wasn’t sure if I’d like it or hate it. I opened the wrapper to find a very light green double break Kit Kat. I dumped the whole thing in my mouth. The white chocolate mixed with wasabi flavour hits you pretty quickly as you bite into the usual wafer. Then the very mild heat was gone as quickly as it arrived. It’s a little bit like someone dipped the Milky Bar Kid in English Mustard, then wafted him under your nose from quite far away only to say, “Nah, Mate, too hot for you!”

By Spectre

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