19 March 2010

Perinaise (Nandos)

The concept of this mayonnaise is that it infused with some chilli spice to give it a kick, which is a rather nice idea. If you look closely you can see the red chilli specs mixed into the rich creamy dip.
I used this mayonnaise product initially as a dip to accompany some potato wedges at tea time. I thought it went perfectly with them. The heat from the thick creamy sauce isn’t overpowering, but the tingle is enough to enhance the flavour of the potato. As always with Nandos it is a well balanced flavour, good taste and has a nice bit of spice.
Just to test out the theory I also tried this mayo in a ham and salad sandwich with rather impressive results. This mayo brought the sandwich to life, so I recommend giving that a try too!


  1. Where abouts did you buy this or is it from the Nandos restaurant? I used to buy this all the time in supermarkets but I can't find it anymore :(

  2. Its under goinga re-launch so should be making its way back to Tesco's etc very soon!

  3. Cool - bought this in restaurant lots of times, but not seen in shops.

  4. There is also a Nando's Salsa which is tasty too.

  5. It's not very good. Doesn't taste like the perinase that you can get in Nandos. Tastes like seafood sauce with some spice. Also, don't waste your time with the peri peri chip sprinkle. Rubbish. Thumbs down.

  6. I have to disagree about the chip sprinkle - I love that stuff!!! Not too hot, but nicely seasons the chips. mmmm
    I'm guessing you'd prefer something hot?


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