18 March 2010

Lee’s Strawberry Light Meringue Bar (Nisa)

When I first purchased this I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. For a brief moment I was a little worried that I had bought a product I was supposed to serve with strawberries and cream as a proper dessert. I had to convince myself that this was actually a confectionary in the impulse buy sector, and that it was correctly positioned next to the chocolate bars at the till.
So it is a bit of a strange idea to have a purchasable slab of meringue, but as you are aware, I’ll try most things, and things that are a bit different usually have extra appeal. The bar is a very smart rippled meringue dotted with pieces of freeze dried strawberry, and it looked rather appetising. The smell too was good, sugary sweet and with a lovely hint of strawberries. The bar is quite dangerous crumbly, but the texture is pleasantly crunchy and light. The flavour is gorgeous, a really good meringue taste, with a wonderful sweetness and a lovely fruity zingy strawberry taste mixed in, I thoroughly enjoyed. It was only when I was half way through that I noticed the details on the wrapper, this bar is ‘fat free’ and only contains 60 calories. Oh my, can it really be something that tastes like a wonderful sugar overload and is that low in calories? I only have one word for such a tasty but low calorie treat – genius. This will now be a regular purchase, as it will fend off the mid afternoon sugar cravings without many scary calories, but full of fabulous flavour - fantastic stuff!


Amy said...

Where did you find this?
I bought one from Wilkinsons in Bristol but can't seem to find them in my area :( I loved it.

cinabar said...

I loved them too... had it from my local Nisa. I have asked on every visit since but they also stopped stocking them. :-(