13 March 2010

REAL Oriental Spice Flavour Potato Chips (Starbucks) via Spectre

Now it always worries me when someone shows me some sort of oriental flavoured crisps. To my rather limited knowledge, this type of flavour is all new, right? We’ve had all sorts of flavours through the years, in fact almost every flavour you can think of but Oriental... which seems odd when you think of all the fantastic taste sensations that come from Chinese, Cantonese, Thai, Japanese, etc... Why we can’t regularly buy Red Curry flavour or Oyster Sauce, Black Bean Sauce or Duck in Plum Sauce flavoured crisps I have no idea. Okay, so we have different chilli flavours coming out of our ears these days, sweet chilli, jalapeño, Mexican chilli... whatever. All of them are great in their own ways, just nothing much on the Oriental front. When Walkers came up with a six different flavours competition, the most I looked forward to tasting was the Duck in Hoi Sin Sauce. Now I don’t know what you thought of this product, but all I could taste was spring onions. It was really overpowering, and really not good with a pint of beer.

So when we popped into a local Starbucks. I say local, as they’re on most street corners these days. Wherever you are, you’re local to a Starbucks or McDonald’s. If you’re not, then you’re way off the beaten track. Probably surrounded by fields and dodging cowpat. Cinabar picked up a bag of these Oriental Spiced crisps. After my last painful experience I could not be blamed for being overly sceptical. On getting home, I had a bottle of Adnams Gunhill on Standby in case of emergency to numb my brain from overpowering onions, or just something to go nice with a heavily crossed limbed tasting session. I opened the packet and took a good whiff. I must admit, I was taken aback by the smell of different spices. Not much of a person to describe the aroma or different spices on eating, but I was relieved not to be assailed by any onion tastes. I was so enjoying these crisps; I forgot I had a beer waiting. On tasting the beer and crisps together, I found two life time buddies had just met. If I was in a field away from coffee shops and supermarkets I’d walk or crawl to get a bite of one of these crisps and be happy of a few cool beers to wash them down with. My only complaint: I should have got more than one bag!


  1. More than one bag? At Starbucks prices??!

  2. Quite agree, 75p a bag at Starbucks for them. Think I emailed you about this flavour the other week Cinabar. Bit too mild in flavour for me, but wouldn't say no to another bag ... if someone else was paying!

  3. Thanks for the tip off about these DavidH, yep I saw them in Starbucks and couldn't resist... course it was Spectre who ate them! Did manage to pinch a couple though, and they were rather nice, but yes no kick as such. Spectre loved them though!

  4. NLi10 and DavidH - I'd like to say Cinabar paid, but I got conned into the buying somehow. Would probably have to take out a morgage to buy a box of them though! ;-)


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