3 March 2010

[New] Brelvita Breakfast – Fruit & Fibre (Waitrose)

This item is really more of a biscuit that a cereal bar, but it is enriched with fibre and designed as a breakfast food. Inside the box there are portion sized wrapped packs of four biscuits. They have a lovely fresh aroma of wheat, and do smell quite appealing.
I had these biscuits for breakfast at work with a morning coffee. The biscuits are quite thin, and I made the mistake of dunking, and sadly they are a little bit fragile, and part of my biscuit broke off, so I don’t recommend dunking!
The biscuits themselves have a good level of sweetness to them, with the fruit bits adding texture and flavour. The underlying taste is a bit like that of a digestive biscuit as there is a good baked wheat flavour mixed in. They made a nice alternative to my usual cereal bar at work, and I’d certainly buy them again.

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