29 March 2010

Honeybuns Coppice Cake [Chocolate, Hazelnut and Cranberries] (House of Fraser)

I found this rather tantalizing cake slice in the cafe of a department store, and thought it looked like something perfect to accompany my mug of coffee. It was only after I sat down did I realise that this was a gluten free product, I wasn’t sure how this would affect it as I haven’t tried gluten free items before.
Well the first thing I noticed that was that this cake is incredibly moist, and also incredible fragile. Taking it out of the wrapper, it broke and I had to neatly place it back together for its photo. I also noticed a buttery residue on my finger tips too which was a little strange. I liked the lines of chocolate on the top, and was impressed by the darkness of the chocolate that shone through as the main flavour. The cake was not stodgy at all, just light, butter and very easy to eat, with a nice nutty edge. The cranberries were good too, but I could have done with a few more for my taste buds, just to add a zesty hint into the overall flavour.
I’m ashamed to say that normally the words ‘gluten free’ would put me off buying a product, and that I would assume that the item would never taste as good the proper thing.
I was very glad to have picked up this item, all be it by accident, as it just goes to show how wrong I was. This cake is a thoroughly sweet, sticky chocolate treat, and went rather well with my coffee. Lovely stuff, I will be on the lookout for more Honeybuns goodies to try.

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