12 February 2010

Yoplait - Perle Del Lait Lemon Yoghurt (Asda)

Well I recently wrote about the very enjoyable coconut version of this yoghurt, and Nadia recommended that I try the lemon version if I could find it. I’m very pleased I was recommended this variety too. The flavour is fresh and zesty although not overly sweet, and the aftertaste from the yoghurt is wonderfully creamy and mellow.
The yoghurts in this range are really very smooth, and don’t have the sharp aftertaste that often follows with regular yoghurts.
I thoroughly enjoyed the lemon version, but I preferred the coconut as I felt the sweet creamy flavour of coconut complimented the creamy yoghurt. The zingy lemon taste, although lovely and refreshing did very slightly over power the creamy soft taste.

1 comment:

lottie said...

These look rather nice, but I can't eat any other yoghurt after having fage greek yoghurt!
Have you ever tried it? Oh my, it's the yoghurt equivilent of herion. You can get it with a side serving of honey and it is LUSCIOUS.

I may have a go at these though,specifically the coconut!