9 February 2010

Milk Chocolate with Tonka Bean (Thornton’s)

I noticed this chocolate recently in Thornton’s mainly because of its shiny award on the wrapper, but secondly because of its interesting ingredients. I have to say, before seeing this bar I had no idea what Tonka beans were, but apparently they have a mild almond flavour.
The chocolate within this bar is a milk chocolate with 38% cocoa, and has a good creamy, thick full flavour. I thought that there might be pieces of bean within the chocolate, but the ingredient is finely mixed in and consistency of the chocolate is very smooth.
The bar is rather flavoursome, the cocoa tones are rich, and there is a wonderful aftertaste of vanilla, and very mild almond, which I assume comes from the bean. The chocolate is clearly of a very good quality, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Well worth giving a try, if you fancy something a little different.


cybele said...

I've always been curious about Tonka's taste, but not interested enough to eat it.

It's banned as a flavoring/ingredient here in the States because it's an anticoagulant (like rat poison). My guess is that it'd take more than the amount used in a candy to make you bleed out your ears though.

cinabar said...

Cybele - lets hope so, I'm certainly still live and kicking!!
Yes, it must quite safe really, beacuse the French have a popular Bruelle dessert using it too... it seems quite a popular ingredient over there.