5 February 2010

Yoplait - Perle Del Lait Coconut Yoghurt (Waitrose)

There is something rather pure about this yoghurt, it is bright white and has a wonderful fresh taste. The coconut flavour tastes natural and is lovely and creamy.
It is marketed as being softer tasting than regular yoghurt products, and I have to agree that it does have a really creamy texture and flavour, with no sharpness. The only disappointing thing about this yoghurt is that because it is coconut flavoured, the makers have put a small amount of fine coconut pieces in the contents, and this is a shame. They are only minimal bits of coconut, but they distract from the smooth texture.
It is so hard to describe this as the it is both creamy and yet rather refreshing, not two things that normally go together, but it works. I really enjoyed this, I understand that there is also a lemon variety available, which I have my eye out for.


Richard said...

Fantastic! It's really hard to get good yogurt over here in the States. I dunno what they do to, but it tastes completely different!

Nadia said...

The lemon one is lovely.

cinabar said...

Richard - i had no idea, I feel for you. I love my yoghurt, nice, healthy but tasty snack.

Nadia - just ordered me some Lemon from Asda online, so I should be writing about them very soon.