21 February 2010

Wanchai Ferry, Bo Luo Pork Recipe Kit {via @Nli10} (Asda)

Following on from last year's(week's) 'Chinese New Year' post I decided to try one of the recipe kits that I've seen floating around as a cook-your-own take-away set. These boxes are a little pricy for what you get but it makes it all a lot faster to prepare and make - especially if you pair it with cheap 'casserole cuts' of cheap own brand pork like I did. The presentation of these packs is magnificent though and it feels more like unboxing an iPod than making food.

Essentially the first two steps are preparing the ingredients - coating the meat & chopping the veg (not all of which is included). All step 3 requires is to open the sachets in the correct order and to add them to the wok. This is easy and well timed out on the box. The provided noodles are of a good quality and their cooking is also factored in to the time.

The flavours are really interesting, a more tangy sweet & sour sauce with a strong tomato and ginger flavour that nicely complements the provided pineapple chunks. There is also a feint spiciness which is similar in strength to that of the little ketchups you find in Pot Noodle packets.

The box says that it serves three, but we ate it as a nicely full two. I'd happily try the Bo Luo sauce again, but would save the meal box for a special occasion as it would work out quite expensive as a regular meal.

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