10 February 2010

Milka Choco Minis Stars [Biscuits] (Cybercandy)

I was so pleased to discover that Cybercandy had started stocking a few (and it is only a few) items of Milka, I just had to get these biscuits when I saw them. I chose the biscuit as it is something new to me, I have tried quite a few Milka chocolate bars, but not their biscuits before.
They came in a lunch box sized mini roll, with six biscuits stacked in the pack. The packaging shows them to have a layer of creamy biscuit, a layer of thick fluffy mallow and a star shape of Milka chocolate decorating the top (see the first photograph). What I found them to have was similar, except that the fluffy layer of mallow was just a thin sheet (see second photograph).
These biscuits tasted pleasant enough, the Milka chocolate shone through, but the shortbread and the mallow were nothing special. They were nice enough to eat, but didn’t warrant the excitement I had when I first saw them. Although nicely decorated, I wouldn’t rush out to buy them again. I do hope Cybercandy get a few more interesting items for me to try.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I was given a few packs of these few years ago by a friend in Europe and loved them, but I couldn't never remember the name so you've just made my day by posting them

I'm heading over to cybercandy now! :D


Anonymous said...

Do they by any chance have the nutritional info on them? I want to get some for a friend but she's on a diet and I didn't want to get them if they are tooo bad calorie wise

Louise (again!)

cinabar said...

32 cals per biscuit and 6 in the roll.

Glad I reunited you with them!