18 August 2010

Cadbury ‘Spots V Stripes’ Challenge Bar [New Chocolate Bar]

I have to say I am feeling quite excited about getting my hands on this new chocolate bar from Cadbury. This new bar has ‘Challenge’ in its title, and it really all is about competing. There is a cute advertising campaign supporting it too, it has the usual elaborate Cadbury type of thing and shows fish with spots and fish with stripes all competing against each other. Think gorilla playing the drums, you sort of get it, but sort of don’t, but it doesn’t really matter!
The bar is split into three sections, each piece consists of a chunk of milk chocolate with a chunk of white chocolate on top. The two end pieces of white chocolate are decorated one with spots and one with stripes, hence the name of the bar. The middle piece is also decorated, but with the word ‘winner’. The idea is that this bar is shared between two, and each person chooses either stripes or spots and has the piece of chocolate with their pattern. There is then a competition to see who wins the final piece, the wrapper outlines how to compete for the chocolate. The ideas in the wrapper are all quite fun, with such things as ‘staring competitions’ or ‘thumb war’ etc, all involve little extra equipment and no mess .
The chocolate itself consists of a Dairy Milk base, and the white chocolate that tops it is sweet and creamy too. When the two types of chocolate are consumed together is does make a lovely sweet treat, it is quite rich, but my sweet tooth had no objections!
I like the idea of this bar, it brings some fun back into chocolate, and not just for the children too. ;-) Spectre is yet to beat me at a thumb war! If you like your Dairy Milk chocolate, and have a sense of fun, you will love this bar and on this occasion remember it is okay to play with your food!


  1. This looks lovely, was it a gift from Cadbury or was it bought from a shop? need to lay my hands on one ... or three.

  2. omg, I want to try this so badly! Is it in the shops now? Looks YUMMY :)

  3. The advert is on the telly - so it hopefully won't be too long before it appears in the shops!

  4. It is lovely choc, quite sweet but nice all the same. So nice to see innovation in the Cadbury's brand.

  5. oh my gosh, tried it today and I'm in love! Screw you eating disorder, I LIKE this chocolate bar! :) Yum.

  6. Ah I've been wondering for a while about this. Seen the advert quite some time ago and just assumed it was being linked to 2012 due to the end logo but now I see it's a new product.

    Seems odd having chocolate associated with sport though. Then again cigs and alcohol have been for years and they're not exactly healthy.

  7. I know what you mean about the sport association, but it seems to be more about the concept of challenge, competition and winning. No, who am I kidding, it is about chocolate ;-)


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