1 August 2010

Pieminister - Thai Chook Pie - Ocado [By @Nli10] (Waitrose online home delivery)

Like most UK homeowners I get a lot of junk mail. Most of it is addressed to previous occupants and as this is a Victorian house you get quite a variety of names. One of the pieces of junk was for home food delivery service Ocado - the mail order arm of the high class supermarket Waitrose. As the voucher promised £30 off your first order and free delivery I gave it a shot and have been very pleased with the results.

While the prices of brand name food is similar to other hyper-global-mega-market Tesco where Waitrose gets its reputation is by having an own brand product that costs more than the average brand due to being high quality. Also they stock a few smaller brands like the Fentimans colas & Lizi cereals. Also in stock are the range of Pieminister pies.

I know of Pieminister for the same reason I know about Brothers cider - Glastonbury. Over by the former Jazz stage these both have stands selling the perfect mix of laid back fuels - cider & pies. Brothers have successfully launched their brand to the high-street and it's looking like the Pieminister boys are doing the same.

Each pie is a little bit more unusual than your typical pie - no kidneys here! Thai chook pie is Thai green curry in their famous thick pastry case and really quite a satisfying eat. The chunks of chicken are large enough to attract the attention of our cat, although the curry meant that he only ate the one bit before looking a bit confused and going back to sleep. For the rest of us this pie is large enough to be a meal in itself, most of the chips I added as a side were left uneaten. The flavour is spicy, but not overbearing and you can still taste the pastry.

Best of all there was no mud involved and I can now slowly work my way through their range from home. More oddities from the home pie delivery service to come.
By Nli10


Unknown said...

Great review. Waitrose is so god damn good for food, I had been eyeing these pies for a while.
The chicken of aaragon one was the one that I fancied trying.

Amy said...

Yay GLASTONBURY! Hehe I've been going for the past four years and also have a Pieminister with a brothers :) Lush.
(although I was tempted by the square pies stall this year..... not as good!)

cinabar said...

What a fab write up - consider me off to Waitrose! :-)

NLi10 said...

Chicken of Aaragon one is the next Pie review.

Think I have another 3 in the freezer too. :)