26 August 2010

Pom 'Wonderful' Pomegranate Cherry 100% Juice (Ocado) {by @NLi10}

I have a bit of a thing for pomegranate juice. If there is an option to choose it I will. Smoothies, juices, puddings - all of these I will bias any choices over price for a hint of a taste of this fruit.
And a hint is usually what you get, 5% or so from concentrate hiding at the bottom of a smoothie or in a bottle of grape juice just to make the colour a little more exciting. This bottle promised to be 100% juice but on the online Ocado ordering page it wasn't easy to see the proportions of that juice, although the website of POM assures me that it's only pomegranate and cherry and not other lesser fruits.
The bottle I ordered in my head was about twice the size of the one that arrived, but as the 236ml is sold as a portion it’s OK. It's priced as a 'health' drink rather than a 'thirsty' drink but to me it's just tasty. The cherry's sweetness takes the bitter edge off the pomegranate in a way that even Spectre and his distrust of the cherry would enjoy, but again this is all real fruit and not artificial flavours so there is a real richness of fruit. The bottle makes that lovely glugging sound that the curved mana potions bottles make too, which adds to the medicinal qualities.
From the site there are POMx and POM tea and many other flavours available. While I feel I can get more pomegranate for my money in terms of actual volume of liquid from other brands in the supermarket I'm not sure that they pack quite as many fruit into a bottle. Making it from concentrate looses a few points in my book, but I think I enjoyed it enough for the premium price and will explore their range some more.
by @NLi10

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