11 August 2010

King Pot Noodle - Bombay Bad Boy [By Spectre] (Asda)

A little while ago I was railroaded into trying the Donner Kebab Pot Noodle. Although I was dubious at first, I rather enjoyed the Pot Noodle and visited the website to see what other flavours Unilever had on offer. The Bombay Bad Boy sprang out at me from the web page promising to be even hotter than the Donner Kebab, so I decided to hunt one down. I picked one up from a local supermarket and decided to have it with a Kamikaze BLT one night whilst watching The Fellowship of the Ring. My Kamikaze BLTs involve several finely chopped chilli's (these were grown by my own fair hand in our greenhouse), a thickly cut tomato, a huge amount of iceberg lettuce and six just cooked rashers of bacon. This sandwich looks like and tastes like the perfect hot Scooby Snack.

Whilst grilling the bacon (trying to be healthy) I opened the pot and boiled the kettle. I followed the usual instructions of add boiling water, leave two minutes, stir, leave two minutes, add sachet of Hot Fire Chilli Sauce and stir again. After a few minutes I decided to have a taste. I was suddenly reminded of the messiness of Pot Noodles as noodles and sauce went in all directions, some of which went in my mouth after a rather uncouth slurp. I noticed the peas and sweet corn bobbing around between the noodles in the pot and felt a good heat from the sauce. Despite the "incredibly hot curry flavour" warning on the outside of the Pot Noodle, I was slightly disappointed. My Kamikaze BLT was hotter than this Pot Noodle. I felt that the chopped red chilli's that were in the Donner Kebab Pot Noodle made me sweat a little and set my mouth aflame. Compared to the Donner Kebab (and my sandwich), the Bombay Bad Boy appears a bit lame, although very tasty with a medium hot curry flavour. I did actually like the taste of this Pot Noodle more than the Donner Kebab flavour. Having said that, the last time Cinabar went to the store she asked me if I wanted a Pot Noodle and I immediately asked for the Donner Kebab, I guess I prefer the heat after all.
By Spectre

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