20 August 2010

Liquorice Allsort Dessert (Marks & Spencers)

I spotted this pudding in M&S, picked it up and stared at it for a long while. I like liquorice, but not quite enough for this pot to appeal. The black layers of jelly put me off, and I thought to myself that I am not enough of a liquorice fan to give it a fair review. I put it back. After I picked up my other items I went back to the shelf and popped it into my basket and thought to myself that as my mum is the biggest liquorice fan I know, I would get her to try it!
What follows is my mum thoughts on the dessert:

“It’s a very pretty dessert, with its wobbly stripes of black and cream, and I liked the layout of the pudding. Opening the lid there is a pleasant smell of fruit and liquorice, which is rather appetising. A layer of passion fruit jelly lies on top of an orange fruit juice mousse. The jelly has a good flavour, with a gentle tang, and the mousse has a fresh orange taste, and is thick and creamy. Below this is a layer of black jelly, it has a gentle but good flavour and is really surprisingly pleasant. The taste is similar to those discs in Liquorice Allsorts covered in hundreds and thousands, but without that tough texture, and they are really lovely. Underneath there is another layer of orange mousse and a final layer of more liquorice jelly. It is an unusual dessert, but it works and is delicious. All the flavour of Liquorice Allsorts but with a velvety creamy texture!”

Thanks mum! :-)


James said...

I have to say that that dessert looks absolutely revolting, still often things taste better than they look. Foam bananas, for example, or liver.

Thank you for dropping by Encounters With Remarkable Biscuits. We survive through other people's labours so if you felt like writing a post about biscuits (any aspect from reminiscence to review) we would be happy to hear from you.

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cinabar said...

The black jelly put me off, but my mum - who eats black liquorice regularly wasn't put off at all, and thought it looked quite pretty.

Will send you an email about a biscuit post - sounds like a fun idea :-)