17 August 2010

Cadbury Cluster Corner [Limited Edition] Dessert (Sainsbury’s)

I have written about a fair few of the Cadbury desserts in the past from this range, all with lovely ingredients like Wispa, Mini Eggs and Fudge and I have enjoyed all of them. This particular Limited Edition version has a corner of the pot filled Cadbury Clusters, which are one of Cadbury’s new sharing bag products.
When I peeled back the lid, I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed by what I saw. The Cluster corner was not packed to the rim, in fact it looked quite spacey in there, and sadly the pieces looked quite small. I realise that the dessert would work best with some smaller chunks, but some big meatier pieces mixed in would have been nice too.
Flavour wise I have no complaints. The ‘yoghurt’ part (ie chocolate sauce, liquid chocolate – I don’t really know what to call it) is lovely. It is sweet, creamy and with a lovely milk chocolate flavour, quite thick but in a good way. If you have tried the other desserts, you know what to expect! The Clusters add a nice mix of textures, and the raisin and crunch worked rather well with the ‘yoghurt’. I particularly enjoyed the sweet juicy raisins, and the only improvement I would make is a few more Clusters with some of them being a little bigger too – that would be yum!

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