29 August 2010

Pieminister - Heidi Pie [Vegetarian] and Chicken of Aragon Pie {by @Nli10} (Ocado)

It's time once more for the fortnightly visit to the Pieminister draw of the freezer.

This time I've enlisted the help of my fiancé to eat the vegetarian pie known as Heidi. This isn't as I have a general distrust of vegetarian food - if anything I'm more experimental than she is - but because it contains a large amount of cheese which I am not keen on. Her view at the time was that this was a fantastic pie - her text review reads:
"Good balance of pie case and filling. I like a good strong smelly goat's cheese, much to my cheese-hating fiancĂ©’s horror, this was relatively mild but still tasty. Looking forward to the next one".
This is a good job, as I accidentally ordered a second one of these instead of one of the other vegetarian options for future pie based review action.

Meanwhile I was having the Chicken of Aragon pie. Having tried Mr. Porky and the Thai Chook pie I knew what to expect by this point. The pastry is the same multi layer thick crust and the contents are chunky and full of flavour. Even when freezing and defrosting for use later the pie is still crisp and tastes fresh which is testament to the quality of ingredients.

I don't tend to add alcohol to cooking. I'm practically tee-total at the moment, but am not adverse to the use of spirits as an ingredient. It's more of a traditional chicken pie than the Thai offering, but the vermouth in this pie is a completely unexpected flavour and adds jazz to the bacon and garlic that are present. Another fantastic pie, but I don't think I have a favourite yet, but I haven't even touched their beef range yet...
by @Nli10

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