12 August 2010

Neuro Bliss {by @Nli10} (Newsagent near Paddington)

Recently I visited London to see the mighty Penn & Teller on their first UK tour since the 90s and happened to be thirsty and in a newsagent. I spotted the full range of these BLISS drinks that I have seen advertised on the Metro in the Midlands but never seen in stores. As they are £1.99 for a single bottle compared to £1.20 for a typical drink I decided to only buy one kind.

I chose Neuro Bliss which claims "Feel good... with modern science's greatest blend of mood enhancers" and due to the stresses of wandering around London and the crowds I decided it was the perfect choice. In the morning we toured the science museum and then as it happened I'd planned to meet up with music loving friends for lunch so headed for Honest John's record shop and began to drink away.

Despite looking like what can only be described as very watery milk the taste was not terrible. It tastes like an attempt at lemonade, it is lightly carbonated and has a slight tang to it. It was drinkable and fairly refreshing. As I ended up on Portobello road, near the famous market I could already hear the Reggae music and feel myself relaxing. This was most likely due to the atmosphere and only partially due to the drink. I had falafel and home made lemonade (which tasted much nicer than this) and then while walking around finished off the drink.

While I did certainly get stressed that day (but not as stressed as on the final day where my fiancĂ©e and I ended up on different tube trains while running late for the train home...) I'm not sure whether the drink helped reduce it or not. I was certainly in a generally good mood that day, but to spend £2 on an amusingly shaped bottle of something that looks like breast milk I think you have to be in a pretty good mood to start with.

The pleasingly shaped bottle has not yet been recycled and is now on my desk.
by @Nli10


Anonymous said...

Bought this today and 2 people asked me if i had a baby!! it looks like milk bottle even with the blue cap

cinabar said...

It really does - I hadn't noticed that till now either :-D
What did you think of the drink?