15 August 2010

Pieminister - Mr Porky Pie {by @Nli10} (Ocado/Waitrose)

Pieminister via Ocado number 2, Mr Porky Pie is as you'd suspect a pig based affair. I decided to go halves this time after I was almost beaten by the Thai Chook Pie on the last review. As you can see not only is the pie full of filling, but the filling is in large, recognisable chunks.

Hot pork pies are not really that common, beef and chicken seem to be the popular choices where as the pork pie is eaten cold with salad. There is no logical reason for this, it's probably a tradition or an old charter or something but I think that Pieminister aim to change this. After sampling the wonderfully thick pastry on top and having a few pasta wheels the pie had cooled to the point where I could tuck into the filling.

I think the greatest complement that I can make about Pieminister pies is that you can taste all the ingredients. If it's written on the front of the box then you will get subtle or strong hits of it as you eat. The larger chunks of ingredient mean that the flavour is different with each mouthful and you may get more pork or more apple and cider depending on where you bite.

Half a pie with a mountain of pasta really is a good meal, proving that Pieminister pies really are twice as good as your typical store bought pie.
by @Nli10

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