8 August 2010

Waitrose Strawberry Laces & Waitrose Salt & Pepper Pretzels [By @NLi10] (Ocado)

Again these were things picked up from the Ocado home delivery service for a weekend away in London. I though they highlighted the differences between your typical store branded food and Waitrose things.

The strawberry laces were one of my favourite as a child/teenager and the favourite brand were always hollow which meant you could use them as a straw. This was great and playing with your food never had so many options. These however are a more luxurious solid tube, with a more distinct strawberry taste. Like all pre-packaged sweets they cling to themselves and the bag refusing to come out without stretching and snapping but that is half of the fun. I ate most of these on the train on the way back.

The pretzels were unexpected really. I've had salt & Pepper Real crisps a few times and love them, but I'd never had pepper on pretzels until now. The taste change is quite profound, taking them from being a background snack for with drinks into being something that demands attention and has a mix of flavours with each bite. The fun of pretzels is that the mix of salt grains means that no two bites are the same, but add pepper into the mix and you just have to keep eating to find out which you like best. We ate these sitting watching the crowds around the tower of London, which was probably a bad idea as they make you quite thirsty. Better to save these for summer parties along with the Tomato Pretz I think.

We also took Smarties (in their funny flat sided tubes) but I'm going to go ahead and presume that they are not that unusual and most people have tried them. Even with the new 'no artificial' colours & flavours they are still the same old sweet we love, but without the fun collectable coloured lids.
By @NLi10

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