23 August 2010

Walkers Extra Crunchy: Flame Grilled Steak / Sweet Chilli Chicken [New] (Sainsbury’s)

The new Walkers Crunchy range seems to be available exclusively in large sharing bags. I’m fine with this, we quite often get a large bag and share it watching some TV or a film. It is an odd idea though to make crisps designed for munching, potentially during a tense film, which create ‘extra’ noise when eaten.
To be fair, they aren’t that bad in terms of crunch. They are definitely crispier than regular Walkers, but nothing extreme. Consider them more like Kettle Chips or Tyrrells, crunchy but in a good way. I managed to find two flavours of these crisps:

Sweet Chilli Chicken
These crisps had a gentle spice, which was sweet, had good flavour, but was not as hot as it could have been. They also seemed to be missing a strong chicken flavour which was disappointing. I liked the taste, but the lack of heat and underlying meatiness meant they sat in the pleasant category rather than the wow one.

Flame Grilled Steak
These crisps had all the meatiness you could ever wish for. The beef flavour was rich and strong and they were wonderfully tasty with a lovely barbecue tang. They felt quite similar to the T-Bone Steak Roysters crisps, which means they get a resounding thumbs up. I do like meaty flavours for crisps, and these more than ticked all the boxes.

The new Extra Crunchy range of crisps have a lovely texture, and I’m looking forward to tracking down any other flavours that are available.


Unknown said...

Nice one Cin I was wondering what these tasted like. I'm going to give the grilled steak a try.

paulham said...

The cheese and sour cream ones are the best of the lot.

cinabar said...

Jim - They are really tasty - the bag disappeared rather quickly!

Paulham - I will keep an eye out for them... think there is a ready salted version too.

Anonymous said...

I think the Steak flavour ones are awful.Not a patch on Roysters or McCoys.
Cheese and sour cream ones are very good.