3 August 2010

Wicked Pig - Firecracker Chilli / Sweet and Sour (Morrison’s)

When I wrote about the Hog Roast flavour of Wicked Pig last month, I did say I would hunt down the other flavours too. I’m pleased to say that I have since found the Firecracker Chilli and the Sweet and Sour edition. Both of these consist of soft cooked pork flavour bites ready to snack on.

Sweet and Sour
Oh my, when you open the bag you really know about it. There is an amazing aroma of garlic and spices that emerge and fill the room. Sadly it was more overpowering than appetising to my taste buds and actually put me off a little. Once you are passed the smell though, the flavour is not as bad as you might expect. Each pork bite is slightly sweet and tangy with a strong but acceptable amount of herbs and a decent meatiness. Quite tasty, but I wouldn’t recommend opening them if you have a hangover or feel unwell!

Firecracker Chilli
Again there was quite a strong smell when I opened the bag, but it has to be said it was not as bad as the Sweet and Sour edition. There is a good pork flavour, with a decent amount of spices, and then a burn. This chilli burn builds up the more you eat, and as I ate more and more I found myself gasping for water! These are not for the feint hearted!!! Oh how they burn! But if you love a proper chilli kick – do give them a go, as they won’t disappoint.

In conclusion the Sweet and Sour smell put me off them, although the taste was absolutely fine. The Firecracker Chilli were too hot for me, so I wouldn’t buy them again – but I do realise chilli lovers will adore them! Out of the three flavours I’ve tried, the Hog Roast is my winner.

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