28 August 2010

KA - A Taste of the Caribbean Black Grape Flavour and Karibbean Kola Flavour [By Spectre](Nisa)

KA has been around since the sixties and is produced by Barr Soft Drinks, famous for Iron-Bru and Tizer. I was first attracted to the colourful cans as these two cans practically jumped out at me from the fridge shelf in the supermarket. Secondly the flavours intrigued me. Black grape flavour sounded to me like it could be a slightly sour, fizzy, almost wine type flavour. I was not prepared for the sweetness of this drink. Looking at the ingredients, there is blackcurrant and carrot in there, but the grape flavouring that has been added to the mix overpowers everything else. The liquid tastes of a child's grape flavoured sweet, so you need a sweet tooth to appreciate this drink fully. The taste lingered in my mouth for ages afterwards and I had to have something else to drink to wash it down. On the back of the can it says "Drink Kool", but the sweetness of the drink negates any coolness.
In contrast the Karibbean Kola had more of an aniseed taste to it. Cinabar mentioned that it tasted more of Cola Cubes than Cola Bottles, but still the child's sweet reference is there. It doesn't taste like a normal Coca Cola or Pepsi Cola though, more of a traditional type of cola. From the Caribbean design on the cans, I thought these may be more of a healthy tasting soft drink, such as Lilt, rather than something sweet for the kids. I'm all for kid's sweets, and still like to partake in the odd taste session, but these drinks are just too sweet for me. Blah! I guess I'm already sweet enough... ;-)
By Spectre


Anonymous said...

You've reminded me of something.
There's always been a mystique about what flavour Irn Bru is, up here.
I was in Barbados about ten years ago and I had a bottle of bananna flavoured pop from the Barbados Bottling Company.
It looks and tastes the same as Irn Bru.
Mystery solved.

Ps I've never seen KA in my life.

cinabar said...

Irn Bru as a banana drink?? Really? I'd have to try the drink you had in Barbados - but that doesn't feel right...

As for KA we first spotted them in Nisa, but have seen them in the Tesco since then but in the foreign food section, so they must be fairly popular.

Anonymous said...

I've found a Black Grape flavour drink called Jammin which to me, isn't as good as the Ka version. I like the sweetness. I hope the company haven't renamed the drink already and altered the formula. It used to be purple also NOW its dark red.