9 August 2010

Hairy Bikers - Prosciutto and Blue Cheese Crisps (Waitrose)

How exciting to find a new brand of crisps on the market, and from two cool biker chefs too! The packaging is really sweet, with a drawing of the two of them top right, and lots of nice little messages in text form all over the bag, for example “There is passion in a potato”. By the time I came to open the bag, I was already convinced they would taste fantastic, thanks to the on bag motivational comments!
The aroma was quite mild, with just a hint of meatiness to it. The crisps had a good flavour though, there was a slightly sweet meatiness about them, and a salty cheese after taste. The cheese had but only the vaguest blue cheese tang, but did have a nice aftertaste. It was the Prosciutto that shone through as the dominant flavour, and gave these crisps there Italian feel.
The crunch of the potato was lovely, light, not too thick but wonderfully crisp, and with the most lovely underlying rich potato taste was present too.
I have managed to find some other flavours in this range, and literally can’t wait to try, taste, and write about those very soon! They have such interesting flavours, nice to see a change from the usual Salt and Vinegar!


Unknown said...

OMG these sound unbelievably good!

cinabar said...

They are!! And some of the other flavours are just too tempting for words - including 'Tom Yom Soup' mmmm can't wait!

Anonymous said...

These look lovely!


cinabar said...

I think they are a Waitrose exclusive (for the minute at least) if you are trying to find them.