13 August 2010

Tyrrells: Butter and Mint Crisps [First Harvest Potato Chips] (Selfridges)

In order to celebrate Tyrrells first potato harvest, they have produced a crisp with a very delicate but intriguing flavour. Choosing the two best accompaniments for a bowl of new potatoes, many people would naturally pick butter and fresh garden mint, but in terms of a flavouring for crisps they do make a refreshing change.
One of my favourite crisps of days gone by was a packet produced by Marks & Spencers that was simply Jacket Potato with Butter flavour; I just loved the creaminess of them. I really don’t know how they got discontinued, and often still check for them on the shelves of M&S, just in case of a relaunch! These Tyrrells crisps do remind me of them, but with bells on. The mint with the butter adds a lovely fresh flavour, and the ingredients work beautifully together. The tang of herbs and creaminess are just such a clever taste, and I absolutely loved them. Interestingly I haven’t even got to the best part, the potato base of the crisps are just wonderfully flavoursome too, with a lovely light crisp crunch. This is an excellent example of how a collection of simple flavours can work so perfectly together and hands down beat a lot overly strange or complicated varieties for crisps.

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