10 August 2010

Fox’s Glacier : Mango, Peach & Passion Fruit Smoothie Sweets (WH Smith)

Fox’s have decided to have a rolling ‘Limited Edition’ in their sweets range that changes seasonally. This is the current Limited Edition, and it does indeed seem rather summery to my taste buds as it includes some of the sweeter juicer fruits.
When I opened the bag I think I was expecting there to be three varieties of sweets inside, and it took me a minute to realise that the flavour was actually just one mixed fruit flavour. This is because the ‘regular’ Glacier Fruits have a mix of six flavours in the bag, so I just assumed when I saw several fruit names on the pack that these would be a mix too. Having said that the chosen fruits do make a good combination of flavours, they are all golden sweet fruits that are wonderfully juicy and complement each other well. It is nice to see such a well put together mix of tastes. The peach is the dominant flavour, and the mango and passion fruit shine through beautifully in the background.
I loved these sweets, I love how they captured the juicy flavours, and how the taste is lovely, rich and sweet. They have a decent percentage of natural fruit juices in their ingredients and this really adds to their quality. They managed to take me away from the dreary wet August we are having in the UK, to a Tropical place for a few minutes!


Anonymous said...

I feel silly now because I bought these about a month ago and thought I got a dodgy bag as all the sweets were the name and now I realise they are all one flavour, doh ^_^


cinabar said...

Aces - not just me then! :-D

They do usually make mixed bags though!