30 August 2010

Twix Fino [New UK Chocolate Bar]

I would like to start with a big thank you to Jim at Chocolate Mission for very kindly sending me this bar, and his review can be found here.

The new Twix is biscuit free. This is not controversial as some of the papers would have you think, they are not ditching biscuit in Twix bars. This new Twix Fino has no intentions of replacing the regular Twix it is just an addition to the range made with wafers instead.

I ripped open the wrapper, and immediately broke one of the Twix sticks in half to have a look at the new, biscuit free Twix Fino. I have to say I was a little disappointed by the profile of the chocolate, the wafer rolls space things out so that there is a substantial amount of air within the bar.

Still nothing ventured so I bit in. The chocolate is still plentiful and full of flavour, and the caramel adds the usual wonderful sweetness. Both ingredients melt pleasingly in the mouth and combine with the wafer well. The wafer is surprisingly nice, it adds a lovely crisp, crunchy texture and I thought it worked. It is a light easy to eat bar which I enjoyed, and I feel it is a nice addition to the range. People who like their wafers, for example MilkyWay Crisp Rolls or Kinder Bueno bars, will like this as a tasty alternative to the ones already available.

However there is something that bugs me about this bar. If you do any digging on the internet into Mars UK's reasons for releasing this bar you will find it is to have a lower calorie chocolate available. I have problems understanding this, the packaging proudly states 94 kcal, but this is per stick. Obviously there are two sticks within the pack so that makes a total of 188 kcal per pack. I don’t think 188 kcal is particularly low, for example you can eat a packet of Quavers crisps AND a bar of Blue Riband chocolate for less calories (186 kcal).

Neither Quavers or Blue Riband market themselves particularly as being low fat! Remember also that KitKat has 107 kcal per TWIN pack, which is substantially less also.

In conclusion it is a nice bar and does have less calories than a regular Twix, but isn’t what I would call a guilt free treat especially if you intend to eat both sticks – and let’s be honest who has enough self control to only eat one!?!

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