16 August 2010

Fox’s Choc ‘N’ Oat Bars (Sainsbury’s)

Fox’s have launched these new Oat flavoured biscuit bars, which I added to my lunch box for an afternoon treat. The bars come in a multipack, and have just 104 calories, so they don’t make you feel too guilty!
The internal packaging is a little basic, with plain orange print, and the biscuit bars seemed a little smaller than I was expecting. Inside the wrapper though is a pleasing looking biscuit coated in chocolate. The chocolate is quite thick, creamy and sweet and makes a good contrast to the biscuit underneath. The bar is quite chunky, and the wonderful flavour of oats shines through and works nicely with the smooth chocolate.
Not the most innovative biscuit bar I’ve ever tried, but I certainly don’t have any complaints, the rich chocolate and the golden flavour made it a very enjoyable treat.


Oscar said...

soo....its a hob-nob bar then? with nope..make its a chocolate HN bar...was it worth it?

cinabar said...

Nice for lunch boxes, but nothing that innovative.