24 August 2010

Hot Tomato - Snack a Jacks (Boots)

My local branch of Boots knows me well, they always place the crisps by the till, and inevitably I succumb to the odd impulse purchase. As impulse purchases go at least Snack a Jacks are relatively healthy which reduces the guilt.
I liked the idea of a ‘Hot Tomato’ flavour, I felt it had a lot of potential, but not that different sounding to the ‘Sweet Chilli’ variety released earlier in the year. I actually preferred these though, the tomato taste is sweet and tangy, and there is also a subtle hint of salt mixed in too. I have to question the ‘hot’ nature of these crisps mind. To me hot means that it contains a fair amount of heat, these have a gentle spice, but no burn. I know “Lightly Spiced Tomato” isn’t as catchy in terms of a name, but it would be more appropriate. Having said that I will forgive Snack a Jacks as the tomato base is rather lovely and moreish and does work rather well. I had them as an afternoon snack at work, and they kept me feeling full until dinner time. I’ll keep my eye out in the queue at Boots for any other new flavours that might come my way and report back.


Unknown said...

I like the smokey bacon ones they sell in Sainsburys. If you haven't tried them I would give them a go, they are the best snack a jacks they make.

Anonymous said...

prawn cocktail snack-a-jacks FTW! :)

cinabar said...

Will keep an eye out for those flavours - I tend to buy the caramel ones as a sweet but low fat treat.