22 August 2010

Sharwood's Microwave Noodles - Rich Soy & Sesame + Plain [By @NLi10] (Asda)

Let’s face it - we don't use our microwaves as often as we used to.

Sure they are great for defrosting things, and occasionally melting chocolate for recipes but the dream of using them as a main cooker that we had in the 90s is long gone. One thing they are useful for is quick lunches. Baked Beans & cans of odd pasta shapes tend to be the favourite, but also appearing more and more are instant rice packs. Sharwood's has decided to go one better and bring a range of instant noodles out.

I'm unfairly sceptical about these kind of things, and that’s from the perspective of someone who ate microwave rice for lunch for around a year when money was tight. These are the same deal - tear a notch in the pack, bung in the microwave for 2 mins, and try not to scald yourself on the pack or the hot water vapours escaping from the top when they are done. Unlike the rice though the noodles seem to be much moister and don't dry out when cooking. The flavour of the Soy & Sesame was actually really good, and while there was a hint of unfamiliarity about the textures compared to wok cooked noodles the lack of washing up and the speed of delivery more than made up for this. For the plain version I added a lot of Kikoman Soy Sauce to the mix and this made a good substitute, but for speed and simplicity I think i'll stick to the flavoured variety.

Even Mr. Tickle was pleased with the results! These will go on the shopping list for that same snack slot that Pot Noodle & Super Noodle fill, only I think these are a more efficient and sophisticated solution to the quick lazy bachelor chow problem.
By @NLi10