2 August 2010

Buy One Get One Bee – Innocent Smoothie (Boots)

Innocent are supporting the National Trust and helping to increase the dwindling numbers of bees in the UK. They are doing this by releasing this very special flavour of smoothie which will help to contribute. Naturally the smoothie flavour comes packed with a well themed honey burst, but what I wasn’t expecting was the (barely mentioned) banana flavour running through it too. I like banana, but I do realise that it is a controversial taste, so I thought I would give those that dislike it a bit of a heads up. Also mixed in with the flavours is a lovely hint of lemon, zingy but still sweet and it works rather well with honey flavour, bringing it balance. The after taste is that of a mild spice from a gentle kick of ginger, which does add a nice tang at the end.
The drink is very refreshing, although the flavours of lemon and honey do seem to be more wintery to my taste buds. This may be due to their association with colds / cough medicine flavouring!
Did I mention there is also a free packet of mystery seeds, for flowers that encourage bees. This is such a nice idea, and good for the bees too. I will plant them and update you on the progress!

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