27 August 2010

Doritos Sizzlin’ Fajita (Waitrose)

It sort of seems appropriate that one of the new flavours of Doritos is Fajita, as both the corn snack and the food substance are two things I regularly enjoy in Mexican restaurants like Chiquitos. For those that don’t know Doritos are a triangular corn based snack, seasoned with a variety of flavours. I always eat them straight out the pack, but with a sour cream dip. The bag suggests warming them up with an array of salsa, sour cream and melting cheese which sounds more than nice too.
The Fajita taste is surprisingly tasty, and manages to get through a complicated but meaty and spicy element. There is a definite hit of spice, paprika, tomato and garlic, with an aftertaste of something meaty like chicken and then cheese. I know it sounds like there are too many ingredients, but it just kind of works, and is really nice. Trouble is with Doritos is that the crunchy corn base is rather a strong flavour, and does over power some of the seasoning. These have a good taste, and nice spice that hits afterwards, but I do wonder what the seasoning would taste like on a regular crisp, strong but darn fine I imagine!


Anonymous said...

Try old el paso original spice mix with Walkers salt and shake (just don't put the salt on!) It tastes amazing!

cinabar said...

Interesting tip, I will give it a go. Actually I have a jar of Nando's chip seasoning - that might be worth a shot too! :-)