9 March 2011

Ichoc Bar - Electric Licorice (Setonaikai.co.uk)

It was Saturday morning, and the weather was dry and pleasant. Cinabar and I decided to go to Shrewsbury for the day, decided or were pressed into that decision by Spectre. We were certainly encouraged! Spectre has so many old cowboy/war movies on the V+ box that only a few hours of space remain. He decided that Saturday was the day to relax and enjoy some of these without interference. Off we went to the station and got the train – on time – to Shrewsbury. It is actually quite a pleasant 40minute journey through lovely countryside. We have not been to Shrewsbury for several months but always enjoy a day there. Some of our favourite shops had closed down, and a few others looked on the brink of closing. At the Prince Rupert Hotel we enjoyed a delightful lunch and then meandered around the shopping centre. In the Parade shopping centre we came across a most interesting and fascinating new emporium, called Setonaikai it specialises in food, cookware and gifts from Japan and the Far East. It is lovely and worth a visit.
Cinabar spotted an Ichoc bar with white chocolate liquorice, as I love liquorice I was very pleased to taste this. On opening the bright pink packet there was creamy grey bar that looked interesting! This is a creamy sweet melt in the mouth bar as it slowly melts there is a lovely mix of white chocolate and gentle tang of liquorice. It is tantalising different and very moreish! It is like a liquorice version of Caramac. Have one bite and you want another! I thoroughly enjoyed it and will certainly buy more next time we go to Shrewsbury and visit Setonaikai. We returned home and found Spectre waiting at the station he had enjoyed his day of films.
By Cinabar’s Mum


  1. Ooh this sounds interesting, I would like to try this cause i can imagine the licorice flavour perfectly balances out the white chocolate.

  2. It does - neither flavours are overpowering and the result is a lovely creamy mix of white chocolate and a soft liquorice taste. It works surprisingly well!

  3. Liquirice white chocolate - that's a new one on me!

  4. It is well worth trying if you can find it, and it is the first time we've had that combination on the site.

  5. Found your blog trying to find a supplier for this choc in Australia. it is sensational!

  6. I can help you find a supplier in Shrewsbury in the UK - but not Australia... hope you find some :-)


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