4 May 2010

Skinny Topcorn Sweet N' Salt (Popcorn) (Pret A Manger)

Back in December last year I first discovered Pret’s Chocolate Topcorn (that’s not a typo). It made a nice product, but the chocolate topping shattered and crunched. I liked the flavour but not the texture.
This is a new variety in Pret’s popcorn range, and is oddly flavoured as both sweet and salty. When you go to the cinema, the staff asks if you want sweet or salty popcorn, but I’d never considered both as an option before!
Firstly I was pleased to discover that there was no weird crunchy coating on this popcorn, it was just a bright white colour. Sadly the flavour did nothing for me. It seemed confused, vaguely sweet, vaguely salty and ultimately couldn’t make up its mind. I didn’t manage to finish the bag, as I felt it was just a bit bland and I got a bit bored of it. It’s by no means offensive, but I think its needs a stronger taste. It is a bit of shame, but it just didn’t work for me. Anyone else tried it?


Anonymous said...

this is the most ludicrous blog post i have EVER read.

Firstly - you have never asked or heard of asking for a mixture of sweet and salted?

And Secondly - the flavour is AMAZING. Pretty much everyone in my office is addicted to it.

cinabar said...

Maybe I got a bad bag - but they were really bland.

Having said that - a lot has changed since I wrote that blog, and I have since been converted to salt and sweet popcorn. In fact Tyrrell’s Sweet & Salty Proper Popcorn is just about the best popcorn product to hit the shelves! You should really give it a try - it converted me!