24 August 2011

Balisto Forest Berries Biscuits (Tesco) [By @Cinabar]

Any European readers from Germany or elsewhere on the continent will be reading this and already be familiar with the concept of Balisto biscuits, as they are quite commonly available across the channel. These biscuit fingers are manufactured by Mars despite this only being in the small print on the back of the pack. The biscuits come in a multipack, within which they are individually wrapped and perfect for lunch boxes. I have to say it is nice to see them finally make it to the UK, and bring with them some varieties we don’t normally see. I picked up this Forest Berries flavour as they sounded like a rather nice concept.

I took the wrapper off, and took a peek inside. They have a thick biscuit base within the chocolate that is buttery but firm. These certainly have enough biscuit in them to be considered proper biscuit bars, unlike some products I could mention… (Aero Biscuits I’m looking at you).

The cream above the biscuit it is sweet and fruity, and has quite a few berries hidden within it. These bits of fruit have a lovely strong fragrant taste that is sharp and sweet and very pleasant. I liked the way if you found a berry it changed the intensity of the flavour, and made different mouthfuls vary in flavour. The berries had a nice texture to them, and were even a little bit sticky in places giving it a real fruit feel. The chocolate round the edges keeps it all together and really makes the biscuit. I felt the biscuits were a bit on the small side, but were really nice. I’m hoping they release a few more of the flavours over here – and I wouldn’t object to twin packs either! ;-)
By Cinabar

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