30 August 2011

Jordan’s Country Crisp – Honey & Nut [By @Cinabar]

I don’t really eat that many cereals, by I do quite like them as an early evening snack before going swimming. I think they are a good source of energy and get rid of any hunger twinges if I’m not intending to have dinner until 8pm. NLi10 really is the king of cereal, so I hope he doesn’t mind if I take a look at this new one.
The Country Crisps cereal consists of clusters of oats in a variety of different shapes. I poured myself a bowl full and the range of shapes was from small fragments to good sized chunks. I added the cool milk to the bowl and tucked in. One of the things I like about Country Crisp is its ability to stay crunchy for quite a while even when soaked in milk. The flavour was lovely too, I tend to go for chocolate cereals (who’d have thought it) but found this honey one to be lovely and sweet and the honey flavour was well defined. Underneath that there was a good wholesome oat flavour that worked well with the creamy milk.
To be honest honey works so well with this combination of ingredients I can’t understand why Jordans haven’t done it before. It has a lovely balance between being sweet and feeling healthy and I’ve been really enjoying the box. Total thumbs up from me, even as someone who normally goes for a chocolate variety.
By Cinabar

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