31 August 2011

Belvita Breakfast Biscuits - Yogurt Crunch (Sainsbury’s) [By @cinabar]

I rather like the Belvita biscuits as a quick breakfast food in the morning. They are convenient and I can have one at my desk with my morning cup of coffee for a quick start to the day. I was pleased to see a new flavour on the shelves, and loved the idea that they were a sandwich style as they looked rather pretty on the packaging.
They didn’t disappoint when I unwrapped them either. There are two biscuits wrapped in pairs to keep them fresh, and each set has a floral design subtly on the biscuit. The filling looked fairly thin, but still nice.
Flavour wise the results were a bit mixed. The outer biscuits are similar to the ones in previous varieties, so there were no problems there. The taste is similar to that of a digestive or rich tea biscuit, wholesome and with a nice baked flavour. They are slightly sweeter if anything, but they need to be for the filling. The yogurt centre was quite a strong taste, and I found it distractingly sour. The biscuit taste did almost cover it, but I kept getting hints of it in waves, and found it was just a bit acidic for my palette. I realise the packaging states that it is a live yoghurt taste, but it also stated it was creamy which I didn’t pick up on.
I liked the texture though, and felt that the soft filling gave a lovely contrast with the crunchy biscuits, so the idea is good. I just wish they’d chosen a milder yogurt flavour.
By Cinabar


NLi10 said...

Belvita Breakfast Biscuits are essentially Rusks for grown-ups. Nice enough tho.

Gareth said...

We get so few flavours compared to France, where they have been available for years and called Petit Déjeuner. There are even nice chocolate ones!