7 August 2011

Peeps (Cybercandy - USA Import) [By @rychuxtreme]

Well I've seen Peeps a lot in American YouTube videos and as always when I go to Birmingham I need to go to Cybercandy so I had a good look and Peeps happened to be there and at a price of £1.25 I couldn't say no. The Peeps came in three different colours orange (as seen above), purple and green and as chicks are yellow (which they didn't have) yellow orange it is.

Peeps are mainly just fun coloured and shaped marshmallows and then covered in sugar (YUM) and who doesn’t like marshmallows and obviously there designed for Easter but who gives a damn. I especially enjoyed the tiny chocolate eyes on the Peeps which was a great way to add more, well, chocolate and the Peeps contained no fat but 34g of sugar so not all bad.

I will buy them again... and again and again and again and the price was very cheap so WIN WIN. But don't microwave them :O

by Hi-Im-Ry (@rychuxtreme)

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