14 August 2011

Joe & Sephs Espresso Popcorn (Selfridges) [@joeandseph] [By @Cinabar]

Popcorn is currently one of my new favourite snacks, and I have a particular new love of the sweet and salty variety. Bags of the stuff seem to be appearing everywhere (even saw some in Costa) so my new snack seems to be very on trend.
I was wondering around the foodhall of Selfridges and stumbled across a new selection of popcorns from Joe & Sephs. They are in very appealing bags and had some good and interesting flavours. I picked up the most bizarre flavour I could find there which was this espresso variety.
The popcorn smells amazing when you open the bag, rich with a hint of fresh brewed sweet coffee. The pieces look quite large and fluffy, and are covered in a dark coating. They crunch pleasantly, but give easily. The taste is really good too, they start being sweet with a hint of burnt caramel, then the espresso hits with its good strong flavour. The coffee aftertaste is fabulous, loads of bean and a nice slightly bitter edge in the taste to finish it.
The bag the popcorn is in is re-sealable, but to be honest that is a bit of wishful thinking, as the bag only lasted us (I swear I didn’t eat it all on my own) one sitting! The ingredients are all natural too, so that is nice as well. It was a gorgeous bag of popcorn, and so nice to see such interesting flavours. Well worth checking out if you fancy giving your taste buds something a bit different to snack on.
By cinabar


daisychain said...

Oh yay, another popcorn fan! I reviewed a couple of Joe and Sephs flavours some weeks ago...it's expensive crack!

cinabar said...

It really is... lovely stuff though :-)

Have you tried Tyrrells? There are some good flavours there too. Popcorn is my new fave snack.