1 August 2011

Pringles Mamma Mia: Rosemary & Olive Oil Crisps [Tesco] [By @Cinabar]

Recently I mentioned that I stocked up on a few Pringles’ flavours that I was yet to try, and this tube is part of those reviews. This is from the Mamma Mia range, and as such is part of the Italian flavours they are currently running.
Rosemary and Olive Oil does sound more like the ingredients of a fab salad dressing than a flavour for crisps, but I felt the flavour could work there too. Each one of the Pringles has a little sprinkling of herbs decorating the edges of it which does look nice. The flavour is good and strong and the Rosemary really shines through, giving these crisps and authentic Italian feel. The herb is quite defined, but as it has onion tones it works well on the crisps. There is a milder olive taste too, just giving a nice bit of depth to the flavour and working in harmony with the Rosemary. The two flavours do complement each other well.
They have all the moreish characteristics of regular Pringles, and a good summer feel and taste. These were a simple idea, well executed making a fresh tasting tube of crisps that it would be difficult to dislike.
By Cinabar


Becky K said...

Would love to know where you found these! We were in Italy recently and loved these, but haven't been able to find them back home in the states.

cinabar said...

I'm afraid I found them in a Tesco in the UK - so that's probably not much help. Hope you find some.