13 August 2011

Chocolate Brownie Flavoured Milk [Limited Edition] (Tesco) [By @SpectreUK]

I’m always on the hunt for a decent chocolate milkshake to fill the chocolate craving that sometimes creeps up on me on the odd evening. My tummy size dictates that too much snacking is bad. The phrase “pregnant paunch” is an understatement. Some people have asked me when the twins are due! Therefore, I try to avoid chocolate bars as much as possible, so something that tastes of chocolate and doesn’t feed the belly fat is required.

This drink has no artificial flavours or preservatives and is made from semi skimmed milk and pasteurized chocolate fudge brownie flavour. It sounds good, but the back of the drink shows there is 330Kj energy, 12.2g sugar, and 1.4g fat. So it’s virtually a fist sized chocolate bar anyway. It tastes like a creamy liquidized chocolate brownie that is thick, but not gloopy and melts in the mouth. It gave me a decent, much needed chocolate hit, but I think I’ll continue my search for something a little healthier before my belt bursts or I give birth to something.
By Spectre


S.Emerald said...

It's about time, they made milk that tastes like brownies!

cinabar said...

You should try it on cereal ;-)